Richard Holland, brings his production designer skills to his artistic vision in his growing body of Portraits and Fine Artwork. His unique and highly original style reflects a montage of storytelling that brings together his experiences, influences and skilled techniques.His ornately carved picture frames and graphic images portray life as scripted worlds, encapsulated in time. The world is a magnificent stage where pathways cross and realities unfold before our very eyes; a world captured within and outside the box.

Richard achieves keen physical dimension in his works that contributes to the rich layers of storytelling as expected from a Hollywood production designer’s skillset.  Each work is infused with layers of History as much as his own personal history in entertainment.The hand-carved picture frames are an integral part of the storytelling and are just as important to the process as the portrait itself. They are one infused together.

Artworks can use perspective, computer compositing and skill-based production design techniques like draftsmanship, drawing, and painting learned in the European tradition of apprenticeship training when Richard started in the film industry. The work begins with freehand drawing and utilizes layers of techniques. The cut outs in the work derive from the use of perspective used in films Richard worked on like Indiana Jones, Labyrinth and Roger Rabbit. Colors used in the artworks are a purposefully muted and layered that telegraphs American images from the past . The layering effects in each work tell the deeper story of it all. The curtain opens and the stage is set.

Richard Holland

Richard Holland

Richard Holland Artist accesses his film production design skills to inform his personal fine art vision in his growing body of dimensional artwork in his series of Portraits and Frames.