Richard Holland Paintings.

How using the Laser cutting machine is used in the creative process for Richard Holland paintings and frames.

Mixed media using paint,clay,carved wood,sculpture,acrylics,gauche,pen& pencil. 

The process first involves freehand drawing, which is then transferred into photoshop.It is then painted in the computer and by hand.Once completed, it is then transferred into Illustrator software program using a system of digital paths.When completed they are then turned into PDF files.These files are then installed into the laser cutting machine.The laser follows the created paths and the shapes are cut.

The cut shapes can then have the digital images and painted finishes applied to them..

The frames are individually hand made either by using the laser cutting method or by cutting with a electric scroll cutting machine.Finishes are hand painted and enhanced digitally.

Subjects are outlined in black echoing the cut out effect.It also emboldens the subject matter making them forward from the background.

Creative process of Richard Holland paintings and frames.

Copperplate is applied as the base ground color to the prepared paper.From there on the layers of acrylic color paint are applied.It involves painting,scrubbing,sanding the paint with wire wool and sandpaper then repeating the process in many times to achieve the desired result. 

The frame surrounding the art has been sanded,stripped,painted and glazed and in the case of Cut-Outs at the OK Corral it represents America’s Iconic stars and stripes in red, white and blue.The frame itself has been hand made by the artist using a electric scroll sawing machine.