For the Sale of Paintings, Prints and Drawings by Richard J. Holland.



Applied Laser cut painted shapes using mixed media set in a Shadow Box.

The fun of Christmas, a English Christmas pantomime is about to be performed.As the curtain rises there is a big shock. Instead of Santa behind the curtain it is Krampus.

In European traditional folklore while the man who became known as Santa is famous for rewarding children who have been nice, Krampus visits naughty children the night before Dec. 6 each year and punishes them before dragging them to his fiery layer in a sack. 

From a rough design by the artist for the 2015 movie Krampus. 



Applied layered Laser cut painted shapes using mixed media set in a Shadow Box.

Sketches from an idea inspired from the classic children’s tale Swallows and Amazons. 

A three dimensional world full of representations and symbols of a lost youth and time gone by.

Red Indians are set against the British flag pulling you deeper into the picture.Maps, pirates,cowboys,indians, driftwood and swallows used to iconically represent the story.

Finished artwork from a rough design for the remake of the 1970’s film Swallows and Amazons.



Acrylic on handmade paper with a scroll cut layered painted frame.

Portrayed against a backdrop of the wild west is the classic gunfight at the OK Corral. 

The gunfighter and clown are used as figures of protest set against Americas inability to control gun violence. The clown who is the victim laughs and mocks the shooter,but he just keeps on missing.

The cut-out figures surrounded in a picture book outline have jumped into this picture from another world,frozen in a scene from a snapshot in history. A new take on an old tale and a new telling of an old scene that is played out in america today far to often.




Acrylic,gouache and pencil on handmade paper and mixed media set in a Shadow Box.

Set against a backdrop of the William Shakespeare Classic Romeo and Juliet. A movie project that the artist developed that never got into production. However during this act of love and betrayalall is not quite what it seems.The story was one thing but the issues behind the scenes were another.The Director is portrayed as the Queen and the studio is shown as the mouse. A child representing the audience is crying because it has just got stung by the bee. The bee the ultimate symbol of power.A deck of cards has been played and Arnold Schwarzenegger holds headline across the stage as the man who could have changed everything. 




Acrylic on handmade paper with a scroll cut layered painted frame.

A portrait made of his Son Evan at the age of six. While in Prague working on “A Sound of Thunder” his son’s favorite ice cream store was always the treat. However during the terrible flood of Prague in 2002 the ice cream store was destroyed.The side of the frames show the tidal storm that was approaching Prague.The happy news is after the floodthe store was rebuilt andit continued to sell his favorite Ice Cream.




Acrylic and digital paint on hand made paper and mixed media

The canvass issurrounded by a sculptured frame that adds to the nature of it’s subject.The sculptured frame is set against a background of intertwined weaved branches and used as a organic iconic statement.

Working alongside musician John Fogerty of Credence Clearwater Revival, the artist was commissioned to create visuals for a proposed tour and movie for the band.Set against the backdrop of the Louisiana swamps a lone frogs sits outside his cabin and plays his banjo and in the foreground the dragonflies hum and dance to his tune.




Digital print,hand drawn & cut, layered perspective cut-outs set in a Shadow Box.

With Run-Away Production leaving town at an escalated rate it got so bad that in 2014 only one film had been made in Los Angeles in the whole of that year.Apart from all the promises to stem the tide of tax havens for film studios this was the result of over 20 years of talking and over 20 years of inactive policy.Another Industry had left town.

This art piece is divided into three shadow boxes .The main box with fake encrusted gems on it’s single thin layered frame shows a Hollywood backlot drained of color.The abandoned set uses the technique and skill sets a seasoned designer would show a Director by making a model in card and using cut-outs to enhance the background, giving it depth, breath and false perspective. Above all, it shows the Hollywood hillswith the Hollywood sign juxtaposed in color, crowning the skyline trumpeting the glamorous image but neglecting the truth below.

Another box shows the hand drawn faces of the players These are the actors for our fantasy film and the script is there for us all to use and take part in.We can all have an active part in this film if we choose to do so and make this world come alive bringing the color back into all of our lives.





Richard Holland, Artist, brings his production design skills to his artistic vision in his growing body of dimensional artworks. 

Drawing on his vast experience Production Designing and Art Directing for Film and Television,Holland’s singular, unique and highly original style, reflects a montage of storytelling that brings together his experiences, influences andskilled techniques. The artwork is visually beautiful; yet layered with a dark underlying psyche, The journey has not always been an awesome one. His ornately carved picture frames and graphic iconic images portray life as scripted worlds, encapsulated in time. The world is a magnificent stage where pathwayscross and realities unfold before our very eyes.It is a world captured within and outside the box. There are influences of Folk,Tramp and fairground Art which he has developed into his own individual style.Varieties of found objects are used to enhance the detailed effect,created by sculpting, casting and painting.

The custom frames are as integral to the storytelling as the box contents themselves. All frames are handmade using laser cutting or cutting with an electric scroll. Finishes are hand painted and at times computer enhanced.  This attention to frames is an integral part of the storytelling and harkens back to many periods in art history—starting with the Old Masters through to Tramp Art and Folk Art. Modern artists like Robert Rauschensberg and Mark Ryden used frames, too, to enhance the art of storytelling and to bring his frames into the canvas as part of the whole picture.

The methods of using cut outs derive from his teachings in perspective by having worked with some of the most celebrated greats in the Industry.The work is often bright and colorful and seemingly decorative from a distance; however, it is laden with the realities of a life spent in the Entertainment industry behind the fairytale scenes. The layering effects in each work tell the deeper story of it all.

The work is often bright and colorful and seemingly decorative from a distance; however, it is laden with the realities of a life spent in the Entertainment industry behind the fairytale scenes. The layering effects in each work tell the deeper story of it all.

The curtain now opens and the stage is now set.


An accumulation of over 40 film-designing years, working with some of the most successful directors, producers and talent of our time— Ray Harryhausen,Franco Zeffirelli, Michael Bay, Michael Mann, Michael Cimino, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy, Jim Henson, George Lucas,Peter Hyams,Joel Schumacher,Robert Zemeckis,Richard Lester,Lyndsay Anderson,George Harrison and the great futurist, Syd Mead—on some of the most dynamic and memorablefilms of this and past generations— Last of the Mohicans, Princess Bride, Roger Rabbit, Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, Superman and Dark Crystal, to the newly revived and beloved Alvin and the Chipmunks  franchise—has informed Richard’s personal artistic path.